Lyrics: I Am Divine

One of my favorite things about being a part of this album is the gift it's been to my kids. How many parents are lucky enough to put their philosophies and life lessons to music that their kids will totally sing along to? Seriously.

The other day I found a note my oldest daughter had written for a friend. She was encouraging the friend to disregard some bullies at school, telling her how awesome she was (in proper pre-teen lingo of course). I read along (yes, snoopy mom) and eventually found the lyrics to I am Divine that she had memorized.

I always think of Stefanie, my sister, when I remember writing this song. Okay, I have reason to think about her in almost every song on this album, (now that the memories of her proof reading each one as I wrote them are treasure chest preserved). The song wasn't about her, but for some reason it was for her, fueled by some kind of desire to explain something I can't explain. Back when it was just a page in a binder, she reviewed it and said this was one of her favorites. This and a song that's shelved for now called "Coming Home".

Tanya Hanamaikai and Stephanie Boyd

I quickly pass them in the hall
They laugh behind my back
Their bruising words they throw like stones
To make me fall
And they think I should be afraid
But they don't hear me pray
The quiet whispers light a flame
To keep me strong

I can hold my head up high
He knows my name, He knows my light
They can't steal this peace I have inside
I am part of His design
He made my world, He made my life
I am His, and I am meant to shine
I am divine.

Spacious buldings peering down
Casting shadows on my way
Trying to blind me from 
What life is all about
But they don't see the light inside
Burning in my eyes
A fire guiding through the lies 
That keep me strong


Flood the night with rain
My fire keeps burning on
Bowing to now storm or shame
When I'm on my knees
His power shelters me.
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  1. Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? What a wonderful daughter you have! It's obvious why she is such a great friend. And have I seen these other "shelved" lyrics? I want to read them!


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