There you go again, not listening
Do realize I'm outside
While you close your eyes
You're drifting, falling
In the cracks of a past you keep on

Rusted galleries of foggy memories
Still choosing ghosts
Overdosed on a broken road of
Heartache, mistakes
Giving strength to a cage, you give your
Days away

Taste the sun
Embrace the love
You gotta live for this
Untie the sky outside your mind
And live for this
Over and over again,
Closer and closer to when
You hit the edge and there's nothing left
Live for This

And tomorrow plays 
A familiar game
I'm losing to a dream that
Gleams with a steam that
Isn't really here, disappears, 
What's the use of a future sleeping 
Through the years?

Photo: By Hiart (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Okay! So many things I love about this- how do you do it?! Untie the sky outside your mind! Still choosing ghosts! Overdosed on a broken road! Giving strength to a cage you give your days away?! Okay I'm going to end up re writing the entire song on here. Just know that you got mad skills. No skillzzz.

  2. and okay that music video was a cool idea


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