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"Ready to Miss You Now" Click to listen!
...The starlit reverie is over / let it melt behind the clouds...

"Come Sit. Think With Me a While"
...Won't you please open the window, babe / the air is gettin' hot...

"Nothing Wrong"
...Back when tears were rarely shed / at night, before I'd go to bed...

...I woke up this morning / like I so often tend to do...

"Never Know Me"
...You'd never guess that one star dreams less than all the rest...

...Search through a hundred rubies / Through one thousand charms...

"A Single Song"
...I can cloud the sky / With a single song...

"Give Me"
...Give me rainbows in a snowstorm / Winds burning flames...

...It's the silent swell I hear the loudest / the tender touch I feel strongest...

"Just One Woman"
...When she prays feeling all alone / Is there any chance that she's knows...

"Grandma's Hands" Click to Listen!
...Spools of thread in Grandma's hands / Become stitches of strength in Grandma's hands...

"I Am Divine"  Click to listen!
...And they think I should be afraid/ But they don't hear me pray...

"Enlisted" Click to listen!
...Ancient prophets wrote of a future/ Visions of a war fought with words...

"America's My Home"
...I thought I was alone / wrestling the flag and the breeze...

"Come To Friday"
...Come to Friday / Where troubles are shed at the door...


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Sleepy baby panda naps on a dolphin and drools into the sea. The dolphin has tied to the bear's tail rosy red ribbons that float on the waves. At the shore, sandcastles wash away with the tide. Sleepy baby panda rolls through their gates.
Stop snoring, Panda. The salt from the sea is drying stiff and gritty in your hair. Your paws will feel sticky! You'll smell like fish dried on the beach. The dolphin has long slipped back into the dawn-lit water. Wake up, Panda, and be on your way.

Photo Credit: Tux-t-penguin on Deviant Art

Friday Figment: FINLESS FISH

I found a finless fish…well, fishtailing, I guess, along the bottom of my pond.
I asked him what he was doing in there (cause I was planning to drain that pond and set up a trampoline instead, though I didn’t tell him that).
He said, “I’m living; what does it look like I’m doing?”
“Can’t you live somewhere else?”
He didn’t answer.
“Where are your fins?”
“Really? You’re going to hint that I should leave then ask a rude question like that?”
I kicked the gravel, asked if he needed something to eat, but he silently slithered along.
When I checked on him before bed, the pond was empty.
Photo/Public Domain:

Friday Figment: ANTSY ABANDON

The ant asked the caterpillar, "What are you doing?"

"Building my chrysalis," the caterpillar answered.

After a grunt the ant said, "Butterflies don't eat leaves, and I love leaves, especially rose ones, and man, I'd never give that up for anything."

The caterpillar had been working for hours and talk of leaves, rose leaves especially, made her stomach growl even as she defended the butterflies, explaining how they get to soar across the world on their beautiful wings.

"I hope mine are blue," she said.

"But the slow way you walk is so cute," the ant said, "I like you the way you are," and after an hour or two of that talk, the caterpillar left her chrysalis and feasted on rose leaves with the ant.

A week passed, and the caterpillar whispered, "I think I'm sick."

"Don't worry," the ant said, "I won't leave you," and the caterpillar was comforted as she fell into her final sleep…